• Zac "B1n4ry" Layman
  • Patrick Beery (THE CHURCH)
  • Annie "Stardust" Phillips (VINYL)

Glass Artists

  • Kristina "K-Sass" Sasser
  • Eric "Ewok" Ratcliffe
  • Dayna Harris Smith "DHS"
  • Brian "Berzerker" Serck
  • Nick "Lifeglass" Russo
  • Tim Farrell
  • Marni Schnapper

Live Painters

  • APEX Collective
    (Zach Jackson, Jake Amason, Stephen Kruse)
  • Molly Gardner
  • Elizabeth Banker
  • Andrew Norris Thompson
  • Bobby Kruse
  • River Hendricks
  • Blais Bellenoit
  • Derek Carpenter


Live Painters (Cont.)

  • Samantha Cauchy
  • Chris Long
  • Chris Bohlin
  • Brian "Pher01" Simmonds
  • Clinton Reynolds working with
  • Megan Walker

Meet and greet with
Phil Lewis

at 420 Market Place

Graffiti Team

  • Robin "Dread" MunroNoah
  • "Tuke" Baker
  • Zeb Palmer
  • Julia Rose Morgan

River Hendricks – “Ghost River Art”

"Art has been my friend for as long as I can remember. I drew characters before coloring inside the lines of coloring books. That being said, I've always only known my art to be an extension of myself. my passion. It wasn't until a couple of years ago, that I started to truly listen to my surroundings to listen to my visions."

Molly Gardner

"Molly Gardner is a Denver based painter who uses color and abstract landscapes to evoke emotions. At times she will use animals as a base of her work but has recently started to stray away from that and work more towards abstract landscapes . Using the energy from the events she attends , Molly loves starting a piece from scratch and seeing what comes out of it ."

Jake Amason

"Jake Amason is an acrylic painter from Denver, Colorado. He studied computer graphics and 3D animation for several years before deciding to drop out because of a new addiction to paint arising from long render times that consumed his slow computer. Jake considers Photoshop to be his art teacher and taught him a visual language that prepared him for traditional media. Through sculpting in 3D programs such as Maya, Cinema 4D and ZBrush, he gained experience manipulating massive dimensional virtual worlds compressed into a two-dimensional plane before ever touching the canvas. These environmental textures and understanding of dramatic depth are used in rhythmic patterns to direct the eye through the space over time to animate a still image."

Stephen Kruse

"Stephen Kruse is an abstract-geometric painter hailing from Detroit, currently living in the psychedelic and visionary art hub of Denver, CO. Stephen's work aims to draw the viewer into different realms, and different mind-states, hoping to reach the viewer at the inner core of their mind and soul. His work strikes a visual intermediary between the earthly and etheric, evoking aspects of the ancient, and of the future. Stephen's paintings explore vast themes, ranging from micro-biology, geometry, physics, architecture, chromesthesia, and astronomy. Stephen's arsenal of patterning and quasi-dimensional shapes flow effortlessly into the visually rhythmatic dreamscapes he creates. Stephen's process is constantly evolving, but the one thing that all his work has in common is the fundamental aspect of balance. Stephen learned very early-on that balance is the key to nearly everything in this life, and he hopes to convey this through his conceptions."

Zach Jackson

"Zach Jackson's work is heavily influenced by the concept of nature vs technology.  With infused accents of science fiction and fantasy.  While all classes of science influence Zach's work, a few of his favorite fields include biology, physics and quantum mechanics.  Zach has also been interested in exploring the inner depths of the mind. Developing his roots within eastern psychology.  His Work aims to represent experiences beyond the everyday scope of reality.  At times the work can play with paradoxes and chaos, while still maintaining an underlying order."

Samantha Cauchy

"Samantha Cauchy is an artist based out of Boulder, Colorado, originally from Atlanta, Georgia. She studied fine art at Georgia State University and at the University of Colorado, then proceeded to study the mischtechnik under Aloria Weaver and David Heskin at Luminous Flux Gallery & Studio. She paints for the most part, but also illustrates, creates jewelry, earth mandalas, and some digital art. For painting she uses oils, watercolors, and/or acrylics. Samantha is a member of CAVA, the Colorado Alliance of Visionary Artists. She has been live painting since 2014 and has been a part of many festivals, events, and gallery showcases. She is deeply inspired by magic within nature, life, the cosmos, and the subconscious mind. Her artwork embodies universal consciousness, mystical elements of nature, and surreal fantasy. Her main intentions through her creations are to open minds and hearts far & wide, bringing us all closer together as One."

Chris Long

"We are all creators, and as creators in this time and space, I think its our job to carry the torch that artisans and artists have been building and burning since the dawn of time. My goal is to work in harmony with that same fire that fuels all of creation to bring out and put together visions from all that I have ever experienced or been inspired by. From fellow creators to ancient cultures and the wonders of planet that has held all the stories of humanity, all my creations are an offerings of gratitude to that fire and the creative forces that have moved humans and natural forces alike to create for thousands of years."

Bobby Kruse

"Bobby Kruse is an artist spending most of his time in Colorado. As a self-taught painter, he has developed a playful style of creation that is based on experimentation and fun. Intuition guides each step of his process, doing what feels right in that moment. His style is inspired the most by movement. The invisible patterns of wind, the currents of the ocean, or the flight of a bird all appear in his flow."

Chris Bohlin

"Chris Bohlin evokes the power of presence through every brush stroke, from a wide range of dynamic movements to subtle and intricate detail work. Drawing upon intuitive expressionism and a minimalist aesthetic, his art conveys a concentrated sense of impact from start to finish."

Andrew Norris Thompson

"Andrew Norris Thompson paints from a place of mystery. By using pareidolia - a psychological phenomenon wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern in something where none actually exists- he builds worlds guided by subconscious musings, creating a narrative as the forms develop. "

Elizabeth Banker

"Elizabeth Banker grew up in the small mountain town of Crested Butte, Colorado. In 2008, she discovered purpose and passion within painting. This led Banker to pursue a bachelor's degree in Visual Art and Yoga at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. "

Blais Bellenoit

"My name is Blais Bellenoit and I grew up in the rural town of Rehoboth, Massachusetts. My mother was a professional illustrator for most of her life and illustrated such books as "The Talisman" by Stephen King and "The Hundred Year Christmas" by David Morrell."

Clinton Reynolds

"Clinton spent much of his younger years alone deep in nature in his home state of New Jersey finding connections with his surroundings and creating sculptures with tools provided by nature itself. Eventually becoming exposed to the art scene thru live music, he was immediately drawn to the visionary artists."

Megan Walker

"Megan was born in Wheatridge, Colorado and starting drawing and painting at a young age. She's always been inspired by the human figure, nature and the convoluted conceptual styles of surrealism."

APEX Collective

"We are a collective based around collaboration being a means of rapid evolution. Progressing the language of imagery through a telepathic creative connection. While being sensitive to both classical and contemporary methods, we strive to capture the underlying movements and patterns that surpass time."