East coast hip-hop makes up the bulk of this mix from producer-DJ Lee Alan James aka Blockhead, all pulled from dusty, golden age rap records and a few choice indie cuts of the ‘00s — a couple of which were used prior to official release. The south, midwest and LA all get a visit too, while lyrically the mix stays within range of hard, street intellect — mostly great rappers sticking to rap shit.

As a producer, Blockhead had worked mostly with indie MCs like Aesop Rock and others, and labels like El-P’s Definitive Jux. In the summer of 2005, Blockhead was touring to promote his solo full-length, the Ninja Tune release Downtown Science, when he stopped by dublab to lay down this 60-minute set. Much love to Blockhead, and to Ninja Tune for supporting impactful electronic artists and DJs over the years — so many have had a deep connection to Los Angeles’ scenes, sounds and identity.