Samantha Cauchy

"Samantha Cauchy is an artist based out of Boulder, Colorado, originally from Atlanta, Georgia. She studied fine art at Georgia State University and at the University of Colorado, then proceeded to study the mischtechnik under Aloria Weaver and David Heskin at Luminous Flux Gallery & Studio. She paints for the most part, but also illustrates, creates jewelry, earth mandalas, and some digital art. For painting she uses oils, watercolors, and/or acrylics. Samantha is a member of CAVA, the Colorado Alliance of Visionary Artists. She has been live painting since 2014 and has been a part of many festivals, events, and gallery showcases. She is deeply inspired by magic within nature, life, the cosmos, and the subconscious mind. Her artwork embodies universal consciousness, mystical elements of nature, and surreal fantasy. Her main intentions through her creations are to open minds and hearts far & wide, bringing us all closer together as One."