Stephen Kruse

"Stephen Kruse is an abstract-geometric painter hailing from Detroit, currently living in the psychedelic and visionary art hub of Denver, CO. Stephen's work aims to draw the viewer into different realms, and different mind-states, hoping to reach the viewer at the inner core of their mind and soul. His work strikes a visual intermediary between the earthly and etheric, evoking aspects of the ancient, and of the future. Stephen's paintings explore vast themes, ranging from micro-biology, geometry, physics, architecture, chromesthesia, and astronomy. Stephen's arsenal of patterning and quasi-dimensional shapes flow effortlessly into the visually rhythmatic dreamscapes he creates. Stephen's process is constantly evolving, but the one thing that all his work has in common is the fundamental aspect of balance. Stephen learned very early-on that balance is the key to nearly everything in this life, and he hopes to convey this through his conceptions."