Clinton Reynolds

"Clinton spent much of his younger years alone deep in nature in his home state of New Jersey finding connections with his surroundings and creating sculptures with tools provided by nature itself. Eventually becoming exposed to the art scene thru live music, he was immediately drawn to the visionary artists. Some time later he picked up a paint brush to entertain himself, not knowing it would completely captivate him. Beginning in mandala style patterns, he painted with no vision of a final product, he just put down line after line until feeling finished. Painting intuitively, and with an eye for detail, he began exploring techniques and started developing his style. He decided to transplant to Colorado in 2015 to pursue dreams of an art career and has spent much of that time attending many different art and music events. He has made his way into live painting with many of his musical and visual art influences, as well as painting several times at Alex Grey's CoSM in upstate New York. Learning and taking inspiration from nature and the creative minds he is surrounded by, he has developed a recognizable style for himself using deeply intricate symmetrical patterns with only brushes and eyes to measure. These patterns are reminiscent of ancient Central and South American civilizations, while at the same time having a futuristic/digital feel; representing both the past and future, machine and organic. Clinton takes his biggest gratification from seeing someone connect and express deep familiarity with his art. Without specific meaning to each piece, he leaves them open as self interpretative to the viewer, many of which find themselves in a trance as the paintings hold their attention, inducing a naturally psychedelic state."